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4 Oct

Snackable Cannabis Brand Sweedies Launches Today – WWD

Sweedies is combining cannabis, fruit snacks and a little bit of beauty inspo for its first product, Mood Rings, $36.

“It got here from something we saw was missing,” said cofounder Olivia Sheehan. “We’re each foodies. We’re each from the wonder industry. There’s obviously nothing but beautiful branding and types in the wonder industry and that wasn’t there in cannabis.”

Taking inspiration from the wonder industry, the duo focused on aesthetic packaging, a recent format and wellness-centric ingredients.

The brand, founded by beauty industry veterans Sheehan, senior marketing manager at Violet Grey, and Rachel Richman, senior merchandise manager at Violet Grey, is aiming to show the edible cannabis experience on its head by making it easier for users to dose via snackable gummies.

“There was nothing snackable so we desired to create something that was on par with the products that we got at Erewhon or Whole Foods,” Sheehan told WWD. “We landed on this fruit snack format.”

Every unit features eight bags full of 10 gummies each totaling 5 milligrams of THC and CBD.

“Everyone has had a terrible edible experience, but that is the antithesis of that. All the pieces we did was to design it to be [a] microdosable controlled experience,” Sheehan said.

While the team is aiming to market to any cannabis-curious consumer, they consider the product speaks most to women.

“There aren’t a number of brands that talk to women within the industry,” Sheehan said, also noting the 5 milligram dosage tends to be a “sweet spot” for many ladies users.

Sheehan and Richman also desired to create a wellness-driven product, so Mood Rings are also infused with L-theanine to advertise rest and Schisandra meant to spice up healthy energy and to destress. The duo also worked with a wellness formulator to develop the product. Moreover, the gummies employ allulose, a naturally occurring, better-for-you sugar.

“We wanted it to be a mood-boosting experience,” said Richman. “All of this stuff help with stress response and mood-boosting creative effects.”

Because the brand rolls out in MedMen and other dispensaries across California, the team can also be planning a Recent York launch in early-to-mid 2024 after establishing a production and manufacturing infrastructure within the state, as is required when selling cannabis. Industry sources estimate the brand will amass $800,000 in first-year retail sales.

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