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29 Dec

Snoop Dogg and Philipp Plein Team on Sneaker Collection,

“We’ve here the most effective shoes in the sport, the most effective shoes in the sport,” repeated German designer Philipp Plein on the launch party of his sneaker collaboration with Snoop Dogg — who’s taking the stage at PMC’s LA3C festival this weekend. His iPhone in hand, Plein filmed a close-up of the sparkly purple kicks, panning as much as Snoop’s smile. The rapper flashed a peace sign, blunt in mouth.

“But what’s even higher is the guy who’s wearing the shoes,” Plein continued. “Take a look at this. Who’s that, baby? Who’s that?”

“Hello,” purred Snoop, playing along.

“And look, look who’s standing in front of me,” Plein went on, revealing musician Tommy Lee — who performed at Plein’s last show in Milan.

“It’s the one and only Tommy Lee,” said Snoop. “It’s a legendary night, baby.”

Philipp Plein and Tommy Lee

Tommaso Boddi/WWD

It was an intimate gathering on Monday night inside “Chateau Falconview,” Plein’s Bel Air home.

“This home is gorgeous,” remarked a guest, admiring the grand staircase, high ceilings and sprawling L.A. view.

“You understand that is just the guest house, right?” she was told.

The primary residence was up the winding road, sitting on 3.6 acres at a property reportedly price $200 million.


Snoop Dogg

Tommaso Boddi/WWD

Combining Plein’s Gothic aesthetic and Snoop Dogg’s legacy within the music world, with Lakers colours in mind, the 2 are offering a sneaker in two styles: a black and gold colorway designed with a platform heel, patent black leather body and gold logo, in addition to a purple, black and yellow colorway embellished with crystals. 

“Me and Philipp have been friends for a number of years,” said Snoop, who famously grew up in Long Beach, California. “We’ve done a number of events together, some runway shows in several countries. We decided to provide you with a collaboration, so I desired to put my influence on a shoe, but I wanted him to perfect the show so I didn’t really have an excessive amount of to do with creative as much as him and his team did, because I trust what they do. So, we collaborated on a shoe, representing my country, representing his country, representing my favorite colours, his favorite colours. And it’s the Snoop line, and it’s available in several styles, different flavors. You possibly can walk to it, dance to it. You possibly can work out to it. You possibly can wear it with pants, shorts, sweats. You possibly can wear it with anything. It’s made for everyone.”

The Plein Dogg collection.

Cesare Gualdoni

“I used to be into fashion and going overseas buying his clothes,” Snoop said of his relationship with Plein. “He was a fan of mine, I used to be a fan of his. Naturally, we reached out to one another and just connected and built a brotherhood. One thing about me, if I like any person, I like some particular brand, I would like to succeed in out to the people doing it in order that they can get a relationship with me, personal.”

How has his own style evolved through the many years?

“I just feel like I’m capable of adapt to my environment, because I’m the environment,” said Snoop. “I feel like, if it’s not cool, I could make it cool, so whatever it’s, I’m all the time going to make it appear like it’s alleged to look.”

Chatting with a gaggle of reporters, Plein emphasized the importance of “authentic” partnerships. Snoop, who’s grow to be a friend, has performed at his past shows. And each the rapper’s father and son have walked the designer’s runway, he explained. It’s “a family business,” he said.

“There are quite a lot of brands who collaborate with people only for money,” Plein continued. “It’s nice to have a relationship with individuals who really like what you’re doing. And the opposite way around.…That’s what it’s all about. That’s the one likelihood for me to exist, . Obviously, we’re in an industry which is dominated by huge, big fashion groups. These big groups, after all, they dominate this industry with the facility they’ve, the cash they’ve and the influence they’ve. So, we’re still a small fish within the shark tank. And we’ve got to be different. It’s the one reason why we will exist. It’s the one approach to be relevant.…Either you’re higher, and in case you’re not higher, you might have to be different. And we can’t be higher than they’re, , because they’re a lot larger than we’re.”

Speaking passionately, he continued: “The style industry is de facto changing loads. I feel sometimes just a little bit like a dinosaur, since the fashion designers who own their very own brand, who work for their very own brand and provides their name to their very own brand is de facto a dying species…Nowadays, it’s a totally different environment. Many of the brands are dominated by financial groups, investors, management boards.…Numbers are more essential sometimes than the rest….Designers are nowadays one way or the other treated like football players. There’s a transfer market. You play for five years for this team, for this brand, and in case you don’t bring the numbers, you will likely be sold again, and you will want to search out one other job somewhere. Brands are using, sometimes abusing, designers, taking their creativity. I don’t wish to say stealing it. They pay for it. But they’re taking it so long as they’ve a necessity for it, after which they throw them away, they usually take any person else. It’s modified the industry. And what happens is consumers sometimes don’t understand….Sometimes you don’t know in case you’re Celine or Saint Laurent. What’s it? Is it Celine or Saint Laurent? Things are happening. And other people don’t want to talk about it, because they’re big houses.”

The event wrapped around 10 p.m., after Plein and Snoop shared dessert: an oversized cake (too big to bring inside). It was an actual replica of the purple shoe.

“How is it, Snoop?” he was asked.


Along with the Plein Dogg collaboration, it was announced on Wednesday that the rapper is partnering with lifestyle brand Stevenson Ranch on a five-piece capsule collection for his Death Row Records label. 

His work with Plein is the newest project from Snoop Dogg this 12 months in the style world. Last month, the rapper launched a pet clothes and niknaks line called Snoop Doggie Doggs offering styles for dogs and cats. 

This March, Snoop Dogg joined e-sports organization FaZe Clan’s board where he was tasked with launching a youth community outreach program in addition to bringing entertainment industry experience to the platform. Snoop Dogg was also tapped by Kim Kardashian this month to model in her Skims holiday campaign alongside his wife, children and grandchildren where they modeled the brand’s Cozy Collection.

Snoop Dogg’s Plein Dogg collection is accessible at Plein’s stores and website. 

The Plein Dogg collection.

Cesare Gualdoni

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