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25 Jan

South Korean Firm Launches Fashion Collection Made in Italy

A KOREAN, ITALIAN MATCH: K-pop, South Korean idols and the country’s cosmetics and sweetness industry have been catching the eye of fans — and of the posh industry — all over the world.

Now a recent fashion enterprise is launching, conceived and developed by South Korean company Hyaloid over the past two years, that’s made in Italy and called Maison du Dodo.

The lads’s and ladies’s fashion and accessories collections will probably be launched in early 2023 by the Italian company Fatrix Srl, marked by a logo depicting the extinct bird. However the brand has already unveiled its website, Maisondudodo.com, to introduce the concept behind the road and teasing a couple of looks.

Hyaloid was founded by Shin Sang Hyun and is led by chief executive officer Oh Sang Hyeon.

Maison du Dodo is spearheaded by general manager Jia Li Pirouni and is committed to sustainable objectives, from ethically sourced raw materials to low-carbon production processes.

Looks from Maison du Dodo

On its website the corporate highlights Italian craftsmanship and expertise, aiming at constructing a community that sees sustainability as a necessary asset. It has also uploaded videos fronted by two textile specialists: Claudio Testa, with a protracted experience at Loro Piana, and Bruno Landi, who has worked for years at Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna after which at Vitale Barberis Canonico, each touting Made in Italy production, superior fabrics and a spotlight to the environment.

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