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3 Dec

The Newest Fitbit Devices


My relationship with Fitbit goes way back. Before I could afford a flowery one (and by that, I mean one with a face in color), I had the Fitbit Zip to assist me get more lively. A yr later I purchased and wore my Flex entirely out. Seriously though, the band broke from a 40-pound weight-loss journey I started in 2013 that changed into two-a-day workouts. Back then I just desired to understand how many steps I used to be taking (I’d get giddy when all my dots would light up and buzz) and maybe, what the tea was on how I used to be sleeping. A decade since I used to be clipping the Zip to my hip, the brand has announced its newest smartwatches, they usually’re doing things I could have only imagined back in 2012.

The brand new offerings are the primary from each Fitbit and Google, which acquired the fitness tracking giant in 2019. With that in mind, they provide the health and wellness insight that individuals love from Fitbit, while also integrating the resources of Google.

The models, the Sense 2, the Versa 4 and the Encourage 3, all offer different features and there’s something for everybody at various price points. Get your hands on them this fall, but within the meantime, learn more about what each device has to supply.

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