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3 Dec

Warren Buffett Partners With Girls Inc. To Amplify Leadership

Warren Buffett Partners With Girls

Warren Buffett Partners With Girls Warren Buffett is a really wealthy man—but he’s proving to even have a heart of gold.

It was recently announced that Motiva, a tech design concept brand that created a photograph of the billionaire displaying several of his most famous quotes, is auctioning off a signed copy to profit Girls Inc.

“We’ve essentially invented a recent type of expression for artists and thought leaders,” says Ronen Shilo, the founding father of Motiva. “Each Motiva is exclusive because it captures the essence of the artist or thought leader through keywords hidden inside its distinctive letter grid.”

Based on a news release shared with Essence, the piece is being auctioned off as an element of ‘Motiva for a Cause’, an initiative geared toward amplifying art to make the world a greater place.

The Buffett camp agreed to permit his signed portrait be auctioned off with proceed going towards the Omaha chapter of Girls Inc., a support program for women from underserved communities.

“We’re grateful for Motiva’s support while we’re committed to helping young women reach their full potential,” says Roberta Wilhelm, Executive Director of Girls Inc.

That is just the most recent charitable from Buffett in support of Black women and girls.

In 2017, Buffett and his wife, Jennifer, launched a seven-year, $90 million strategy through the couple’s NoVo Foundation, a philanthropy-based organization that’s described as an effort to amplify “defined and driven by women and girls of color to handle the deep systemic, societal, and institutional challenges girls face.”

“We consider that girls of color are experts in their very own lives and wield immense power to rework their communities and the country,” Jennifer and Peter Buffett said in a statement.

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