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17 Oct

These Skin Care Patches Match Up With Wearable Wellness

These Skin Care Patches Match Up With Wearable Wellness

The Good Patch is expanding its patch offering. 

The brand, previously known for its transdermal vitamin wellness patches, is diving into the skincare category with its Brighten Up Eye Patches, $15; Clear Up Blemish Microdarts, $15; De-Puff Eye Patches, $15, and Un-Wrinkle Wrinkle Microdarts, $15.

“From the beginning of The Good Patch, our founders have at all times had a really holistic approach to beauty and wellness,” said the brand’s chief executive officer Cedar Carter. “Our wearable wellness patches that we’re known for now make it easier to feel good, and we thought it’s a really natural extension to create skincare patches that give attention to that very same problem-solution to make it easier to look good too because often what’s happening on the within manifests itself on the skin.”

The brand new patch offering is supposed to work hand-in-hand with existing vitamin patches. For instance, the B12 Awake patches, $12, match up with the brand new Brighten Up Eye Patches, $15.

“Each of the 2 microdarts and under eye patches are supposed to match with certainly one of those consumer need states that we felt our brand has had probably the most success solving for our customers,” Carter said.

While that is the brand’s first foray into beauty products, The Good Patch has established itself through beauty retailer channels like Ulta Beauty prior to this launch.

“We at all times have distributed our brand through beauty retailers in a beauty section,” she said. “It’s addressing the identical consumer needs in a more holistic way, so it’s not too big of a leap for us.”

Moreover, the packaging and product names clearly outline the use cases to best educate consumers. Carter also noted this arena requires less education because it is such a well-liked category.

“Skincare patches are rather more easily understood than our current line of patches,” she said. “There was lots of education that needed to occur there and doubtless still does since it’s a recent category.”

Although the skincare patch category is popular, Carter noted that the brand’s research showed that customers were hungry for more options. Moreover, the brand worked with a producing partner in South Korea to ascertain revolutionary formats — for instance, the blemish patches employ microdart technology reasonably than simply hydrocolloid which is commonly used.

While The Good Patch is out there in major retailers like Goal, this launch will roll out first in indie retailers.

“We’ll proceed to remain focused on our core business, which is our wearable wellness patches and being a problem-solution oriented brand,” Carter said. “As we have a look at product expansion…we’ll proceed to hearken to our customers and launch other wellness patches or different need states that we’re hearing about.”

The brand declined to share specific sales figures for this launch.

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