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11 Sep

This beauty shoot celebrates the fantasy of Richard Bernstein’s

In 1972, Andy Warhol asked artist Richard Bernstein to hitch his magazine, Interview. Founded just two years prior, the DIY publication was still in its infancy, passed around art world parties but not yet the culture-setting document it might come to be. Bernstein’s now iconic covers elevated Interview right into a latest stratosphere, combining collage, photography and paint to create fantastical portraits that magnified celebrities’ beauty into larger-than-life glamour. “He puts wit into the beauties, fantasy into the wealthy, depth into the glamorous and adds quick patina to newcomers,” Paloma Picasso said of Bernstein’s work.

It’s these defining moments of pop art that make-up artist Andrew Gallimore and photographer Mateusz Sitek desired to have a good time and pay tribute to of their latest shoot. Drawing on Bernstein’s love of hyper glamour and weird color placement on the face – inspired by the disco lights of Studio 54 – the pair collaborated on a series of images that burst with color, life and texture.

“I like Bernstein’s use of color, almost like modern fauvism – vivid pink skin, purple contours, yellow highlights, suggestions of textures. It’s very fantasy glamour,” says Gallimore. “It encouraged me so as to add a surreal quality and never be restricted to the same old eye, lip, cheek.” Applying just about all the make-up with an airbrush, Gallimore sought to create his own version of Bernstein’s vibrant high-contrast highlights and shadows – “like a chromatic chiaroscuro” as he describes it – staying away from black and other usual shades that you simply might see in a shoot.

Ultimately, he hopes that the series won’t only make people feel comfortable and excited but that it would push us to be more experimental with our own on a regular basis make-up. “Why restrict yourself to peach blush, when you possibly can have green!”

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