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26 Mar

TikTok Star ‘Tami Elizabeth’ Takes Shein to Task — Again

Earlier this 12 months the TikTok star “Tami Elizabeth” was greater than surprised to see what gave the impression to be her likeness on a Shein dress.

In response to that, she claimed to have emailed the corporate inquiring concerning the artist and sending two cease-and-desist letters after receiving guidance about that from an attorney. The stylist and designer, whose given name is Tamara Strzelecki, said she was startled again after receiving an invite to collaborate with “Shein Curvee” as an influencer.

The TikTok standout first spoke with WWD in January concerning the situation. On Thursday, she shared with WWD an email exchange from a Shein Curvee address that was dated March 16. The e-mail read partially, “We @SHEIN are launching our newest clothing brand and we noticed you’ve got been a fan of our work and we have now observed your profile and also you’re qualified for a collaboration with us.” In exchange for tags, the e-mail offered Strzelecki free monthly packages of eight items of her selection, and discount codes to share amongst other incentives.

Apart from being a preferred TikTok personality with 7.9 million likes, Strzelecki has a profitable online business, Sugs’ Shoppe. Even though it has been up-and-running for 15 years, it became successful last 12 months after certainly one of her getting-ready videos — for a visit to her therapist — went viral with greater than 1 million views. 

Regarding the offer of a Shein Curvee collaboration, she told WWD, “I’m a size 2, not curve material. I replied with a photograph of me within the dress and stated I had reached out multiple times to request more information concerning the design and I get sent a collaboration offer?” and shared her email response to that address.

TikTok star “Tami Elizabeth” wearing the dress that she claims bears her likeness.

Photo Courtesy

Asked concerning the offer, Emily Workman, director of corporate communications for the Shein Group, said Thursday, “While we will confirm there was no outreach to this individual regarding a partnership with Shein, we have now been made aware of recent email scams falsely claiming to return from our company. We encourage others to remain vigilant regarding emails claiming to be from Shein offering or soliciting services.”

As for whether Shein would comment regarding Tami’s claims that her likeness was used for a dress and cease-and-desist requests sent to the corporate earlier this 12 months, Workman said, “We don’t have anything to share presently.”

Asked about Shein’s explanation, Strzelecki said, “I can’t confirm if the corporate was really Shein or not. I just received the e-mail with Shein Curvee, the one forwarded to you. It’s the one correspondence I actually have received from anyone at Shein.”

Meanwhile, Shein is gearing as much as host the primary Shein x Design Summit in Los Angeles on April 1. The fast fashion retailer plans to host lots of of designers and artists for showcases, panels and networking opportunities with such fashion insiders as LaQuan Smith, Maeve Reilly, Oscar de la Renta’s and Monse’s Laura Kim and Hilldun Corporation’s chief executive officer Gary Wassner. The event can be meant to introduce scores of independent designers to the corporate’s incubator program Shein X. George Chiao, U.S. president of Shein, noted that the aim is to onboard 1,000 designers this 12 months to this system. “Hundreds” of others have already cycled through, because the incubator’s 2021 debut, he said.

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