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24 Apr

Victoria Beckham Beauty’s EyeWear Eye Shadow Sticks Collection Is

Anyone who’s ever used makeup before knows that eye shadow sticks aren’t anything latest — but it surely’s about time that their often smudgy, short-lasting formulas got an upgrade. Yes, there are tons of shadow sticks available on the market to select from, but what if I told you that Victoria Beckham Beauty’s EyeWear Eye Shadow Sticks just raised the bar for this beginner-friendly eye makeup? The most recent launch from the luxurious brand currently holds a special spot in my makeup bag for its blendable, no-fade formula that never ceases to amaze me.

An eye fixed shadow stick may not sound revolutionary at first, but imagine me after I say this one tremendously moves the needle. What makes it so special is its impressive long-wear formula, which allows each of its seven highly-pigmented shades to remain put for as much as eight hours. Cosmetic chemist Marisal Mou says its long-lasting, waterproof formula lives as much as its claims on account of the additions of methyl trimethicone and trimethylsiloxysilicate, two “film formers” that help lock the cream shadow in place. “They enhance adhesion and substantivity of color to the skin and more importantly, improve water and rub resistance and stability of deposition of product on the skin,” she says. One other nifty ingredient that Mou calls out is diisostearyl fumarate, an additive that helps with dispersing color pigments and reduces feathering, bleeding, and creasing. “It also gives a wealthy, smooth feel to the skin,” she says.

Beyond EyeWear’s formulation, each of its seven approachable shades easily found a spot in my day-to-day routine. Currently, there are two finishes to select from: a subtle shimmer or a wealthy, concentrated matte. Like Victoria Beckham’s fashion line, each shade was intentionally added to the shadow stick lineup to match your on a regular basis wardrobe, sort of like a capsule collection for makeup — no wonder EyeWear made its world debut on the runway at Victoria Beckham’s Paris Fashion Week A/W 2023 show. It’s definitely a neutral-heavy collection but colorphiles like myself will likely be glad to identify a vibrant yellow aptly named Sunflower and a pleasant baby pink called Macaron, my two favorite hues in the gathering.

Victoria Beckham Beauty EyeWear shades from top to bottom: Sunflower, Pecan, Bottle Green, Oyster, Caramel, Macaron, and Trench.

Jennifer Hussein/Allure

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