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4 Dec

WATCH: Jazmine Sullivan Gives Nia Long Her Flowers –

Jazmine Sullivan and Nia Long shared a heartwarming moment on the Beauty Carnival stage in the course of the 2022 ESSENCE Festival of Culture — and it was as beautiful as you may imagine.

Joining Beauty Editor Maya Allen for a conversation across the journey to joy through skincare, self-care, travel and wonder regimes presented by Estee Lauder, the 2 talented entertainers were all smiles as they took to the stage. But before the conversation got began, Jazmine didn’t hesitate to take a moment to sing Nia’s praises and provides her her flowers.

“That is THEE Nia Long! I’m so honored to be here because, I mean, you were just such an inspiration—seeing a Brown-skinned woman growing up,” Jazmine said. “Comfortable in your skin, confident, sexy. You simply made all of us feel so good and so proud to be Brown and Black women.”

The conversation also heard each ladies dish on all of their beauty must-haves and skincare secrets. For Nia, hydration, eye cream, and neck cream are the final word beauty trifecta.

WATCH: Jazmine Sullivan Gives Nia Long Her Flowers – ‘You Made All Of Us Proud To Be Brown & Black Women’

“I’m really big on hydration because I feel for many of us, we don’t drink enough water,” she said. “It really starts with drinking water. After which, using serums with a hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, olive oil…I’m really into natural ingredients. And, for probably the most part you’re never too young, ladies, to start out using eye cream and neck cream. I began using eye cream and neck cream after I was like 25 years old and, I’ve never stopped. So, if you would like to look good while you’re 51, start using some eye cream.”

Responding to an issue about what’s most affected her perception of beauty and the way she sees herself, Jazmine credited representation with making the largest difference for her.

WATCH: Jazmine Sullivan Gives Nia Long Her Flowers – ‘You Made All Of Us Proud To Be Brown & Black Women’

“For me, representation is so vital…seeing women who seem like us,” she said. “So, for me growing up seeing Nia being a Brown-skinned girl, that made me feel more beautiful. And I feel that me being a full-figured Brown-skinned girl is making all the full-figured young kids and girls…they’re in a position to see themselves in me and so they’re in a position to see beauty. And in addition, being celebrated for exactly who you’re and never having to vary a thing, that definitely goes a great distance so far as our self-esteem and our personal journey with beauty.”

To listen to the conversation in full, watch the video above. For more of the whole lot you missed on the 2022 ESSENCE Festival of Culture, visit our official video content hub HERE.

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