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31 Oct

Within the Highlight: Adium Targets Mature Men With Sophisticated Essentials

It’s a far cry from the truth TV business, but in the course of the pandemic Mark Grove and Troy Queen, who spent 15 years in Los Angeles, California, working on shows resembling “Extreme Cougar Wives” and “Treehouse Masters,” were trying to find multipurpose clothes they may wear at a house office, to the gym, for a lunch date and out for drinks at night. Clothes that were appropriate for men of their 40s and older.

But they didn’t find any. In order that they got down to make their very own.

After consulting with Grove’s sister, who’s the chief merchant for Kate Spade, they began to assemble a team. They hired former J. Crew designer Jeffrey Uhl to bring their vision to life and brought a team of athletes into the fold as advisers and minority owners. They include Steele Stanwick, a former skilled lacrosse player; Ben Olsen, a former soccer player and now artist, and others, all of whom believed within the positioning of the brand.

“These are all men who’ve achieved success of their fields due to their labor, but they’re not Tom Brady,” Queen said.

“My sister said men are all the time an afterthought in fashion and there’s such a white space for men in [their] 40s, 50s and 60s,” Grove said. “All the things is either too young or at an incredibly high price point. It’s Nike or Lululemon gym clothes or its Cucinelli. That’s where we see the void.”

Tech Jacket and Tech Pant.

Courtesy of Adium

So working with Uhl, they spent two years making a line of menswear essentials resembling chinos, track suits, polo shirts and shorts with minimalistic design and classic, streamlined and complex silhouettes.

The road features high-end fabrics developed from bio-based nylons and cellulose fibers which might be naturally wrinkle-resistant, durable, anti-microbial, water-repellent, quick-drying and have four-way stretch. It’s being produced exclusively in Portugal.

Once the design and aesthetic were set, it was time to give you a reputation. They settled on Adium, which is Stadium without the primary two letters. “That’s where life happens,” Queen said, whether that’s playing or spectating at a sporting event or going to a concert.

Adium will launch direct-to-consumer on Nov. 15 and may even be carried at two locations of the buzzy Paris-based Temple Noble Art boxing gym.

The hero pieces throughout the collection are expected to be the shorts, that are created from bio-nylon and can be found in each 5-inch and 6.5-inch lengths; the classic track suit; a dual-knit jogger with pleats and a coordinating hoodie, and the chinos. “And we predict the lyocell polo shall be a sleeping giant,” Grove said.

Retail prices will run $78 for a pima cotton T-shirt; $88 for a lyocell T-shirt; $118 for a pique polo; $248 for the chinos; $298 for the track jacket and $288 for the matching pant; $138 for a fleece jogger, and $168 for a half-zip hoodie. Coming soon shall be a set of outerwear created from Italian bio-nylons and traceable down. Anatomic neck and chin guards, silicone zippers and pockets, woven drawstrings and adjustable cuffs to guard against the weather shall be offered on the pieces, which is able to include track and stadium jackets. They’re expected to retail within the $400 to $600 range.

Waiting for spring, the road shall be expanded further, they said, to incorporate swimwear, chino shorts, sweaters and vests.

“Adium is for real-life moments,” Grove said. “The old saying that clothes make the person is antiquated. We imagine the person makes the garments and Adium is designed to be comfortable and accentuate the fantastic thing about men of their 40s and 50s.”

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