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10 Apr

9 Brands Powering The Gender-Neutral Fragrance Movement (It’s About

Escentric Molecules offers an enormous range of fragrances for everybody, irrespective of how they discover. The corporate actually prides itself on creating what it describes as “non-binary scents” for everybody, while also attempting to eliminate the concept that scents must be marketed towards or designed for either men or women. “Fragrance has no gender. Perfumery sells a story, an idea, a dream, a memory — all of which don’t have any distinction between male or female of their ability to enthrall us. So why should we limit the experience of those creative expressions to such binaries?” the brand’s website states.

Founder Geza Schoen further explained the corporate’s genderless approach to The Guardian in 2020. “Socialization and cultural education influence where our borders are. Women are likely to be taught by their mother, and most men still wear what’s popular,” Schoen shared. “People were bored. It was time to interrupt with the normal view.”

The corporate divides its scents into Escentric, which mixes molecules and other ingredients to create a fragrance, and Molecule, that are more minimalistic and use only a few ingredients. It’s no wonder then with its unique approach that this company is such an enormous hit with a variety of famous faces. Amongst the massive names said to wear Escentric Molecules scents? Rihanna, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and Kate Moss. Speak about star power!

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