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16 Oct

Alicia Etheredge Brown On The Importance Of Wellness And

“We’ve got to support each other, we now have to teach each other, and we now have to be there for each other,” Alicia Etheredge Brown told audiences during a chat with ESSENCE Entertainment Director Brande Victorian on Centerstage during this yr’s ESSENCE Festival of Culture.

As an entertainment producer/director, Etheredge Brown lives a busy life. Introduced by her famous husband Bobby Brown before her talk, the wife and mother highlighted the importance of taking good care of yourself within the mist of on a regular basis life issues. Here’s some suggestions Etheredge Brown shared have helped her through her journey of marriage, motherhood, and maintaining a profession.

2022 Essence Festival of Culture held in Latest Orleans, Louisiana – July 1 – 3, 2022

Create a solid unit

  • Value one another as partners, humans, and friends.
  • Have self-respect and respect for one another in an effort to gain dependability.
  • Be the very best you so you possibly can be the very best for them.

Hone a protected communicational space

  • When your partner or member of the family shuts down, find the gratitude within the small things.
  • Prayer/meditation is helpful
  • Patience

Spend money on Self-Care and Wellness

  • Create a protected space to shut all the way down to hearken to what your intuition is telling you
  • Have mental peace
  • Take time for yourself

“You can not care for anyone in case you ignore yourself,” Etheredge Brown explained. She and husband Bobby have developed a food line called Bobby Brown Foods with quite a lot of health-conscious products similar to sauces, seasonings, and recipes to serve your loved ones. BobbyBrownFoods has also recently released a wellness line dedicated to mental, physical, and spiritual needs that features CBD and mushroom coffees.

All the foods and wellness products at the moment are available and may be found on BobbyBrownFoods.com

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