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1 Apr

Arcaea Launches Ingredient Technology for Deodorant Brands – WWD

Together with her start-up Arcaea, MIT grad Jasmina Aganovic has been using biology to attempt to make the sweetness products of the long run more about individualism and consumers attending to know their bodies.

Arcaea raised $78 million in Series A Funding from investors including Chanel, Givaudan and Olaplex through the COVID-19 global pandemic, and has just launched its first ingredient technology, ScentARC, which is geared toward deodorant brands.

Designed to focus on specific underarm microbes, the patent-pending prebiotic technology shifts a user’s odor profile by selectively and naturally stopping production of odorous compounds without antimicrobials or masking smells.

“Our mission is to make biology essentially the most desired technology in beauty,” Aganovic said. “In terms of the $25 billion deodorant category, the underlying science relies on approaches developed within the 1800s: masking smells, killing odor or blocking and absorbing sweat. We saw a greater solution through biology using technologies that didn’t exist until recently.”

In accordance with Arcaea, it has already garnered sampling interest for this latest ingredient from a whole lot of brands worldwide seeking to partner on higher deodorant formulation.

In addition to deodorant, Arcaea is continuous to invent novel ingredients that may deliver latest functionality and performance across skincare, body care, hair care and sun care. Along with selling its ingredients into the industry, Arcaea may even be launching brands of its own.

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