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29 Sep

Deon Libra Launches Cleanser, Joins Ulta Beauty Muse Accelerator

“Smoove” skin is on the horizon at Deon Libra. 

The brand, founded by Devin McGhee Kirkland and Brit Kirkland, is bringing its first recent product to market since launching in November 2022. Smoove, $38, is an exfoliating cleanser for the face and body. 

For McGhee Kirkland, who can also be the brand’s chief executive officer, cleanser was at all times a part of Deon Libra’s road map. 

“We’ve been formulating cleanser for 2 years,” she said. “Big Up [the brand’s oil body serum, $63] was at all times going to be our hero product, but I at all times thought for those who’re going to provide any individual a skincare product and a self care product, you must give them a foundation. For me, I at all times say, ‘Smoove gives you the perfect canvas for Big Up.’” 

In typical Deon Libra fashion, the formulation comprises several adaptogens including turkey tail, which addresses redness and inflammation, and snow mushroom, which boosts the skin’s moisture. Other actives include plant-derived alpha hydroxy acids to softly exfoliate the skin.

“We desired to keep the exfoliation really really low so that folks with sensitive skin could still use it,” McGhee Kirkland said. “All of our chemical exfoliants, the AHAs and beta hydroxy acids, are plant derived.”

The product was specifically developed for the face and body, so that customers won’t should purchase several products to look after their skin, in response to McGhee Kirkland. “It was necessary to us to place quality face ingredients in full body products because numerous times body washes and body lotions are either watered down or they get lower-quality ingredients, which we consider non-clean or -toxic ingredients,” she said.

Deon Libra Smoove Exfoliating Cleanser


Together with the brand new launch, Deon Libra was also recently named a member of the Ulta Beauty Muse Accelerator, a program for BIPOC brands to arrange for retail. Through this system, the Deon Libra team will work directly with mentors’ Monique and Melvin Rodriguez from hair care brand Mielle Organics. Deon Libra also received $50,000 in financial support.

“We at all times say Black brands are over mentored and underfunded,” McGhee Kirkland said. “I appreciate that they’re also putting their money where their mouth is…since it’s one thing to get the knowledge but when I can’t apply that and have money to do all of this stuff, then you definitely get stuck.”

While retail is top of mind through this program — McGhee Kirkland said the goal is to be in retail by the tip of 2024 — product innovation can also be within the pipeline. She also hinted that every year the brand will focus in on a certain category or need state. This 12 months revolved around general wellness and sexual wellness is on the horizon.

The brand declined to share specific sales figures for this product. Nonetheless, on the time of launch, the brand had raised $111,000 from family and friends, $800,000 from Dyrdek Machine and $10,000 from the Glossier grant program and was expected to amass $865,000 in first 12 months sales, in response to industry sources.

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