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12 Dec

Fenty Beauty’s Eau de Parfum Is Officially Back in

We predict we are able to all agree that when Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty in 2017, she shifted the sweetness industry as we knew it. After the nice success of the cosmetic brand, the singer expanded into skincare (Fenty Skin), lingerie (Savage x Fenty), and in 2021, Fenty Beauty Parfum. To nobody’s surprise, Rihanna’s debut scent sold out immediately, and this happened twice in a row. It is sensible; who would not wish to smell like Rihanna? Well, Fenty fans, we have now some excellent news for you: Fenty Beauty Eau de Parfum is back in stock and you’ll be able to order yours without delay.

In case you are unfamiliar with this scent, here’s slightly rundown on just how lavish it looks and smells. Let’s start with the packaging. The glass bottle has an amber-hued stain to it and is safely packaged in a sky-blue box. The amber-colored glass represents Rihanna’s favorite color, brown. Allure previously reported that, in accordance with a press release from the brand, the mogul states: “Brown is who I’m. Brown is what I come from. If I’ll make a fragrance that represents me, even the body language of the bottle must marry that.” Amen to that, RiRi.

Now, onto what it smells like since the notes are only as personal to Rihanna because the packaging. The scent is a unisex mix that features notes of magnolia, musk, tangerine, patchouli, and more. Rihanna herself describes the scent as sensual, spicy, and sweet, a.k.a. all the pieces we imagine the mom-to-be would smell like.

Fenty Beauty Eau de Parfum

In the event you’re excited about purchasing Fenty Beauty Eau de Parfum for $140, so you can also smell like Queen RiRi we would advise heading to fentybeauty.com or sephora.com and jumping on this.

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