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13 Dec

Karla Welch Talks Working With Amazon Style and Styling

Karla Welch is bringing her styling expertise to Amazon Style.

The celebrity fashion stylist, who works with Olivia Wilde, Tracee Ellis Ross, Hailey and Justin Bieber and others, is joining forces with the e-commerce giant on its Color Me Curated pop-up on the Americana at Brand in Glendale, California, that provides shoppers free color evaluation consultations where they determine which seasonal color palette is most flattering on them. Amazon Fashion also teamed with color expert Mariana Marques, who focuses on color evaluation, for the initiative. The pop-up runs from Tuesday to Friday.

After shoppers receive their color evaluation consultation, they’ll shop from collections Welch curated for every seasonal color palette on the pop-up. 

“It’s a fantastic stepping point,” Welch said about color evaluation. “I don’t think you’ve to be married to [the color palette], but it surely’s a extremely strong and fun thing to do for individuals who feel like ‘I’m unsure if this color looks good on me.’ Like, I used to be sort of shocked that these deep jewel tones really made my skin pop. There’s a bit little bit of a science to it, which I really like.” 

Welch curated women’s and men’s pieces for the 4 seasonal collections from brands carried by Amazon Style, including Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Levi’s, Equipment, Rebecca Taylor, Theory and lots of others. 

“I all the time wish to take into consideration what my perfect wardrobe is knowing that individuals don’t have tons of time or need to spend tons of cash on clothes, but they need to feel great, so I actually tried to concentrate on that,” Welch said in regards to the curation process. “[The collection offers] accessibility and timelessness, but really fashion pieces and there are really fun accessories to splurge on.” 

The Amazon Style pop-up comes a couple of weeks before Welch gets into the thick of awards season, where she’ll be styling her clients for upcoming film and TV awards shows starting at the start of January with the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

“I really like awards season. I really like celebrating individuals who make movies,” she explained. “For me, awards season is the top of a extremely long process for filmmakers. how long it takes to make a movie and never even just the filming part. I just love celebrating the humanities and I really like celebrating the entire designers who I really like and feel fortunate to get to position their clothes, so it’s a quick and long season if I can say that, but it surely’s fun.” 

Welch explained she’s excited to see more risk-taking on the red carpet, naming actress Taylor Russell as one celebrity she’s excited to see. The stylist also noted she’s interested to see what male celebrities bring to the red carpet after the previous couple of years of men’s fashion trends becoming more daring and couture-like.

“Men were really drivers of fashion for a beat there, especially street style and that became a bit bit more couture,” Welch said. “It was this whole beautiful embrace of a bit bit more men showing up, but I adore it. I also love just a phenomenal, classic tuxedo, but I’m all for it. I hope to see more men in dresses and skirts. That’s my dream.” 

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