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31 Jan

Meet BIIA, The Beauty Non-profit Aiming To Introduce an

Talent managers Stephanie Piza and Jake Webb have joined forces to launch the Beauty In Inclusivity Association, a nonprofit organization that goals to assist brands turn out to be more inclusive and provides rise to an industrywide inclusivity benchmark.

“We’re constructing proprietary auditing tools that may assess the inclusivity of brands, so it’s not a test of ‘Hey, how inclusive are you?’ It’s really a journey we wish to take brands on of, ‘Hey, how can we proceed to teach ourselves and improve?’” said Webb.

The pair will lead brands in a 12-month intensive program, during which participants’ product launches, campaigns, photoshoots, worker and company culture, and more, shall be evaluated to be able to determine where each brand stands by way of inclusivity and what meaningful strides it could possibly make to do higher.

“It’s a holistic approach during which we take a look at the entire components of inclusivity and the DNA of a brand, and the way that transfers to the patron,” said Webb, adding that the tip objective is for brands to earn their BIIA certification, which is able to subsequently be displayed (in the shape of the BIIA logo) on their products, each online and in-store.

“The goal is that in the subsequent five years, we will construct BIIA out as a sustainable organization that may hopefully be as helpful to diversity and inclusivity as Leaping Bunny is to vegan and cruelty-free,” he said.

The Beauty in Inclusivity logo.

courtesy photo

BIIA has teamed with Snapchat to be able to amplify this mission.

Through the platform, the organization will highlight the on-set experiences of diverse beauty industry talent (including models, makeup artists and more), and showcase a spread of editorial content that expresses the organization’s purpose in a visible, artistic way.

“Snapchat has been an awesome partner to us through our work with talent through the years — we’re very mission-aligned, and it was just a no brainer that we desired to get them on board,” said Piza, whose conversations with Webb concerning the all-too-common, opposed on-set experiences of their clientele was what initially sparked the concept for BIIA.

“We just realized that we kept seeing the identical roadblocks, where our clients can be on-set with hair stylists who were inexperienced in working with and styling textured hair, or makeup artists who weren’t equipped with a shade range of products that matched the range of skin tones they’re working with,” she said.

Through BIIA, Piza and Webb wish to bring forth true inclusivity in the wonder industry, which they are saying starts on the product development stage and runs through the model and talent casting stages and beyond.

“The long-term goal can be for each beauty brand to have or wish to have the BIIA certification stamped on their products, and care to do their due diligence in being a really inclusive brand,” said Webb.

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