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15 Dec

Poppi, Maker of Prebiotic Soda, Raises Money to Expand

Maker of Prebiotic Soda

Maker of Prebiotic Soda The TikTok-famous prebiotic soda brand Poppi, founded by Allison and Stephen Ellsworth, has secured a $25 million seed round led by Cavu Consumer Partners.

Back in 2018, the brand, then referred to as Mother, went on “Shark Tank” and received a $400,000 investment for a 25 percent stake from shark and cofounder and managing partner of Cavu Consumer Partners, Rohan Oza. 4 years later, he stays committed to the booming brand.

“The primary two years…the brand was all about, does Poppi have the true potential that we expect it has? Are people going to like the brand nationwide, as much as we do? Not only in a Whole Foods but in all places from Whole Foods to Goal to Costco to grocery stores, convenience stores, you name it.

Will Poppi work in all places, frankly the identical way a Coca-Cola does nevertheless it’s just rather a lot healthier for you? Over the previous couple of years, we’ve got realized that Poppi is being embraced by all audiences,” Oza said. With this success, Oza noted consumers span gender and age.

Oza, who also sits on Poppi’s board of directors, said the “guilt-free” angle — individuals are meant to enjoy a Poppi the identical way they might a soda, without feeling bad about it — is very important, as consumers’ deal with overall wellness continues. The worldwide functional beverage market is anticipated to be price $279.4 billion by 2030, in keeping with Precedence Research.

Poppi sodas.

“We’re attempting to create the fashionable soda of tomorrow, and that’s why we’ve invested within the brand because we consider within the potential of Poppi,” Oza said.

While the gut health space and the non-alcoholic drink category have each boomed over the previous couple of years, Poppi has been capable of break through the noise with a 148 percent year-over-year growth.

“For Poppi, I definitely began the corporate due to my gut problems, and it’s the story, and it’s how I created it. But now two years in, what we’re seeing is the explanation people drink Poppi is since it tastes good.…

We wanted this to be a product for everybody, so we wanted the patron mainly to go pick up a can and be like, ‘Wow, this is absolutely fun packaging. It’s colourful, it’s screaming flavor.’ We would like them to take a sip and be like, ‘

That is amazing’ and flip it over and be like, ‘What, this is sweet for me?’ That’s the patron journey that we were wanting,” Ellsworth said.

Poppi, which began posting on TikTok in 2020, has been popular, due partially to its brilliant colours and flavors. Plus, celebrities proceed to create buzz across the brand — as The Chainsmokers and Olivia Munn each invested within the brand in 2021, and the drink was recently featured on “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

Poppi’s goal is to guide in gut health, but additionally play within the mainstream soda category. The brand even has a standard cola flavor to rival other brands in the marketplace. Poppi has a unique dietary profile to soda —

products are formulated with apple cider vinegar, meant to help in digestion, improve skin’s appearance and more. The brand’s popular Strawberry Lemon flavor has 15 calories and 5 grams of sugar, while a standard can of cola accommodates around 150 calories and nearly 40 grams of sugar.

“We’re truly taking over big soda. We would like Poppi to be soda for the subsequent generation,” Ellsworth said.

With this raise, the brand, which is accessible nationwide in most major retailers, including Goal and Walmart, will proceed to scale and expand product offerings. Specifically, the brand will expand from 18,000 doors to 30,000 doors in 2023.

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