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29 Dec

Rating celebrity beauty brands of 2022 by how random

Jared Leto could be the winner here

Ever since Kylie Jenner and Rihanna hit a billion dollars with their respective make-up lines it looks like every celebrity on the planet decided it was time to leap on the beauty brand-wagon and get a chunk of the pie for themselves. While a pair have done thoroughly – Selena Gomez – and a number of have seemed genuinely authentic – Halsey, Tracee Ellis Ross – on the entire, it’s just felt very random. Why do Madison Beer and Vanessa Hudgens have a DNA-based skincare range? Why does Ellen Degeneres have a skincare brand named, satirically, Kind Beauty? 

2022 has given us one other fruitful crop of celebrity beauty launches and this yr it’s been more random than ever. A skincare range for babies from Krept of Krept & Konan appears like an idea created by spinning a wheel and a grape-based skincare brand by Brad Pitt might be the work of a random word generator. 

So to round off the yr, we decided to rank them. Listed below are the celebrity beauty brands of 2022 (list not definitive) rated by how random they’re. Enjoy.


Despite sounding like essentially the most random of all of the random celebrity beauty brands – the brand was marketed as the primary skincare range for babies launched by a rapper – Krept from Krept & Konan’s brand Nala’s Baby is definitely grounded in authenticity. It was created after Krept & his partner Sasha struggled to search out any baby products with non-harmful ingredients, and it appears like it is sort of good. In November, the brand was named the perfect baby skincare range on the Mother & Baby Awards.

How random? 3/10. When you recover from the Krept-from-Krept-and-Konan thing, it’s actually very sweet and sensible.

Provided that Jared Leto is on record saying he’s “never been really thinking about beauty products”, it’s a bit surprising that he launched his own bath and wonder brand stuffed with £77 eye creams and £75 clay masks. And after I say surprising, I mean a transparent money grab. A collaboration with wellness entrepreneur Jonathan Keren, Twentynine Palms is inspired by “the majesty and myth of the desert” and is described as being for all people but especially for individuals who “resist limits and limits: those that relish freedom and the nice unknown.”

How random? 10/10. Pretentious and Leto hasn’t even pretended to be thinking about beauty up so far. Why would anyone buy skincare from someone who said “I do know I’m a student here”?


Gwen Stefani has spent her profession giving us iconic beauty looks. The thin brows and pink hair of the early years, the blue hair with space buns on the 1998 MTV movie awards, the signature red lip. So it wasn’t out of the blue when she launched her own make-up range. GXVE (pronounced ‘give’ – the ‘x’ is from her signature ‘Gx’) features long-wear lipsticks alongside glosses, eyeshadows and eye pencils. For when “performance meets play”, the formulas are designed for durability and made with sustainable ingredients and packaging.

How random? 4/10. Given her legacy of looks, this range from Stefani is smart. If only she’d launched it five years ago and never when the market was absolutely saturated.

Rarely has a make-up launch made more sense: 2022 saw new-gen beauty icon Isamaya Ffrench finally launch her own eponymous make-up range. Designed to push the boundaries of make-up and permit people to specific themselves through beauty, the brand launched with the BDSM-inspired ‘Industrial’ collection in June, followed by the rhinestone cowboy ‘Wild Star’ collection, and has quickly develop into a favorite amongst MUAs and fans alike. Julia Fox recently shouted out the Liplacq as a game-changer.

How random? 0/10. An authority in the sector with over a decade of experience. If you happen to can trust anyone to make good make-up products, its make-up artists.

Founded by Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina, this “genderless” beauty range is comprised of ethically-sourced African ingredients and designed to rejoice ‘coupledom’ (AKA “the realm of shared experiences between two partners in life or business”, also the name of the Elbas’ podcast). The mission makes numerous sense: the brand goals to support the planet by working with farmers, suppliers and their communities. The skincare bit, less so. 

How random? 6/10. Nobody was really asking for an Idris Elba skincare range, let’s be honest.


Scarlet Johanssen’s Glossier-vibe skincare range is all in regards to the “ease of simplicity”. Think basic products and bundles modelled by Johanssen herself (see: ‘The Regimen’, including a micellar cleanser, squalane moisturiser and collagen serum) in super minimalist packaging. That is more painfully predictable than straight-up weird. Can we get what you’re doing, Scarlet? Yes. Was it totally vital? In no way. 

How random? 9/10. Boring. Johanssen has never expressed particular interest in skincare and there are 100 other brands on the market that do the identical thing.


“If you happen to’re not doing good, why hassle?” says Cay Skin, the carbon-neutral suncare brand from supermodel Winnie Harlow. Founded after she suffered severe sunburn on a shoot since the SPF provided left her with a white forged, Cay Skin caters to all skin tones. Given the scarcity of SPF products suitable for darker skin tones and the misinformation around SPF that exploded this yr, it’s a welcome contribution from Harlow, although reviews for the products themselves haven’t been good in any respect.

How random? 1/10. It’s authentic and fills a spot available in the market, nonetheless it appears like the standard isn’t there.

Founded after his demanding profession pushed him to “examine every aspect of his health”, Travis Barker’s self-titled CBD-slash-wellness brand is designed to “enable you show up at your best”. The range includes CBD tinctures and CBD-infused body products, in addition to a bath-centric collab together with his wife Kourtney Kardashian. Considering Kardashian also has Poosh, her wellness platform, and recently launched Lemme, a vitamin and complement brand, it looks like the couple are determined to be across every category of wellness. It shouldn’t be entirely clear why they didn’t release every little thing under the Poosh name, in Goop style – but when there’s one thing the Kardashians like to do, it’s launch a brand.

How random? 8/10. Sorry, but a Travis Barker-branded CBD range and accompanying line of bath crystals is so random.


I admit I used to be sceptical when Hailey Bieber announced she was launching skincare and fully prepared to write down it off as one more celebrity with no experience jumping on the sweetness brand wagon. Nevertheless, I may even admit it looks like I used to be fallacious. I believe this launch might actually be good. People find it irresistible. Bieber seems authentically and wholeheartedly engaged with it, and the products are sound. The Rhode range currently features just three key products – a peptide lip treatment, peptide skin serum, and ‘barrier restore cream’ – each in dove grey Instagram-friendly packaging and designed to create the dewy “glazed” look that’s all the trend with clean girls in every single place for the time being.

How random? 6/10. These rankings are based on randomness, not how good the product is. Nevertheless, it does appear to be Bieber might need found her passion, and will genuinely make a reputation for herself in skincare.


This yr Kim Kardashian swapped make-up for skincare, relaunching her former brand KKW Beauty as SKKN. The rebrand looked as if it would signal the official end of the contour-and-baking Instagram Face era of make-up and the brand new popularity of the clean girl aesthetic. The range comprised nine products, all of which were deemed “vital” by Kardashian, who said it replicated her own elaborate routine. Nevertheless, despite the high price tag (products range from $43 to $95), no amount of skincare can replicate her looks which are literally the results of years of normal laser, stem cell facials and PRP etc.

How random? 1/10. As we all know, if there’s one thing the Kardashians like to do, it’s launch a brand, and considering Kim already had a beauty brand, Kylie is the OG beauty mogul and Kourtney is attempting to construct a wellness empire, it’s not that random. Doesn’t mean we really want any of those products though.

Ahh, Le Domaine – a brand launched just days before explosive abuse allegations against actor Brad Pitt were published within the Recent York Times. The court filing, recommend by his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, claim that “Pitt choked one among the kids and struck one other within the face” and “grabbed Jolie by the pinnacle and shook her” during a 2016 plane ride. He also allegedly “poured beer on Jolie” and “poured beer and red wine on the kids.” We don’t need his skincare routine at once.

How random? 10/10.

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