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11 Oct

Sephora Tops List of Media Placements, Mentions

In the most recent research from Launchmetrics, which ranks media placements and mentions across different channels (or “voices” as the corporate describes it) using a proprietary algorithm called media impact value, beauty retailers Sephora and Ulta Beauty took the highest two spots for the June through September period.

Sephora delivered a MIV of $264 million, while second place Ulta Beauty got here in with $123 million. Media placements for Sephora got here in at 61,600, while Ulta Beauty totaled 26,900. Nordstrom ranked third for the period and was followed by Asos, Farfetch, and Net-a-porter. See the chart below for the entire top 20 list of firms ranked.

In an evaluation of the outcomes, researchers at Launchmetrics said online and Instagram were the 2 important channels from which ranked brands amassed probably the most MIV and noted that beauty retailers received “significant MIV through video format channels reminiscent of YouTube and TikTok, because of their brands being promoted in makeup and skincare tutorials.”

Regarding the performance of Sephora, Launchmetrics said owned media played a key role. The researchers said the “top performing voice for the brand comes from owned media channels, and with having many region-specific accounts, Sephora was capable of generate $82.8 million in MIV across owned social media during July to September.”

The highest-performing “partner voice” for Sephora was Rare Beauty, which garnered Sephora $6.5 million in MIV. “That being said, the highest performing celebrity voice for the brand was Selena Gomez, whose social brand mentions in reference to Rare Beauty earned the brand $2.9 million in MIV across eight placements ($1.6 million of which was garnered through Selena’s YouTube channel),” Launchmetrics said within the report.

Sephora’s partnership with HausLabs also drove significant MIV for the period. “The second top-performing celebrity voice was Lady Gaga, whose brand mentions in reference to HausLabs generated $2.5 million in MIV across 18 placements,” Launchmetrics said. “The highest placement mentioning the brand garnered Sephora $394,000 in MIV. Moreover, the mentions by HausLabs generated $1.3 million in MIV.”

For Ulta Beauty, Launchmetrics said the “second top performing voice for the brand originates from partner placements, garnering Ulta Beauty $43 million in MIV. Urban Decay ranked as the highest partner voice, generating $5.1 million in MIV.”

With partner voices, Ariana Grande mentioning Ulta Beauty in reference to her song, God Is A Woman, boosted the brand’s MIV. “The highest performing celebrity voice was Ariana Grande, whose five placements amassed $2 million in MIV for the brand,” Launchmetrics said within the report. “The highest placement by Ariana mentioning Ulta Beauty in reference to God Is A Woman was price $946,000 in MIV.”

And the partnership with Tresluce Beauty also drove up MIV. Launchmetrics said the second top-performing celebrity “was Becky G, whose social placements garnered the brand $1 million in MIV. Resulting from the placements of Ariana Grande and Becky G, August was the top-performing month for Ulta Beauty by way of celebrities.”

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