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18 Nov

The ExodUS Summit Is Helping Black Women Make Expat

Photos courtesy of ExodUS Summit. Location Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (Dowe on left, Perry right)

Considering the rise in Black travel and expat groups in the previous few years, in addition to having to cope with immense stressors as a result of the pandemic and seemingly never-ending social injustices, it’s no surprise that Black women are showing great interest in the thought of leaving the USA. In case you are considering it, watching from the sidelines as others manage to quit their J.O.B.s and travel the world, wondering how they’re able to afford it, it’s time to stop dreaming and begin planning.

ExodUS Summit may help. It’s the premiere virtual conference for Black women planning a sabbatical, expat move, or nomadic life abroad. With “profession break expert” Roshida Dowe of Shida’s on the Loose, and year-round house sitter Stephanie Perry of Vaycarious on the helm, ExodUS Summit has helped 1000’s of Black women leave toxic jobs, sell their homes, wave goodbye to naysaying family and friends, and book one-way tickets out of the States. 

“It’s a thing that ExodUS Summit does for Black women. It takes an idea, a dream, a hope, a wish, or future plan and makes it immediate, realistic, and possible,” Perry says with justifiable confidence. ExodUS Summit alumni, ranging in age from their early twenties to late seventies, are actually living their best lives everywhere in the world, including in Portugal, Panama, Ghana, Colombia, and Mexico. 

The primary summit debuted in 2020, in the course of the country’s cycle of lockdown, layoffs, and racial reckoning. It was also a time when Black women were starting to take emotional inventory, reevaluating our lives, and rejecting the concept that life within the U.S. is nearly as good as we are able to get.  

“Women in our community [feel] like outsiders or weirdos because they need something different from the American Dream [we] are told to pursue,” says Perry. “We don’t should throw our whole lives into the struggle of being Black women on this country after which keep our fingers crossed that we’ll give you the option to maneuver abroad after we’re retirement age. The ExodUS Summit group is where women like us go to thrive. Today.”

By highlighting women who proved becoming an expat, full-time or sabbatical world traveler and nomadic entrepreneur was possible, that first summit expanded the minds of its participants. In 2021, alumni from the previous yr returned to show attendees how they made their life abroad leap in only one yr. This time around, for the third yr, the co-creators have chosen “Move Abroad Money” because the summit theme because, as Perry points out, “Yes, we would like Black women to live their dreams. But we are able to’t pretend that dreams don’t cost money.”

“I’m a distinct person now that I make Move Abroad Money,” she says. “I’m free to be wherever on this planet I need to be, for so long as my tourist visa lets me stay. I’m stuffed with joy and clarity. And I embrace ease in all parts of my life. I need this for all Black women.” 

To enhance attendees’ odds of obtaining this life, the duo has assembled a gaggle of experts to share how they mine sustainable incomes. Throughout this weekend event, participants can be given practical guidance on all the pieces from short-term renting on Airbnb and filing taxes as an expat, to out-of-the-box ideas like, get this…selling feet photos online for unimaginable amounts of cash per yr.

If that’s somewhat too outside of your comfort zone, there are workshops that give you options. Are you a beast within the kitchen or know learn how to sew? “The Teach Something You Love” online session is ideal for ladies seeking to turn a hobby right into a recent income stream. Possess the tech skills currently in high demand? “Position Yourself to Break into Tech” has you covered. With other sessions including “Starting a Business in a Recent Country,” “Finding Distant Work,” and The right way to Get Clients from YouTube, participants are guaranteed to go away with at the least one recent money-making idea to fund the lifetime of their dreams.

“We will not be bringing in people to show you learn how to make five dollars,” Dowe says. “We’re bringing in people who find themselves going to indicate you learn how to do the thing.”

So if money is the rationale you haven’t made your move abroad, block off October 8-10, get your notebook out, and buy your Exodus Summit ticket. Weekend passes start at $67, which supplies access to the live Make Money Abroad sessions and the ExodUS Summit Facebook group. Participants who purchase the all-access pass are provided that, plus bonus sessions akin to learn how to get residency in Mexico and Portugal.

“It’s price it,” says alumni Sonja Stelly. “Last yr’s summit modified my life.” Before the summit, Stelly rarely traveled internationally. Since then, she has quit her financial analyst job, gone on a five-month sabbatical to Playa Del Carmen, taken her first hot air balloon ride, snorkeled with sea turtles, and launched her YouTube channel, Sonja Unapologetic.

Stelly credits the summit and her ExodUS accountability squad for showing her that this was all inside her reach. “The knowledge and encouragement I received from ExodUS Summit is priceless,” she says. “It shifted my mindset. I now understand that I deserve a lifetime of peace and freedom.”

Dowe says that hearing stories like Stelly’s is what fuels them to proceed their work and mission. 

“It feels surreal. When someone reaches out to inform us we modified their lives, it makes what we achieve this way more tangible,” she says. “So I keep doing this for those like me. Those who were burned out, stressed, and unhappy, with no relief in sight. I need them to know that if chasing the American dream seems like a race they’ll never win, there are other options for them, and at any time when they’re ready, we’ll be here.”

Visit https://exodus-summit-2022.heysummit.com for more information.

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