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4 Dec

L’Oréal Acquires Danish Probiotic and Microbiome Research Company –

PARIS — L’Oréal is increase its microbiome research know-how with the acquisition of Lactobio, a Danish probiotic and microbiome research company.

Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

“The strategic acquisition builds on 20 years of research by L’Oréal into the microbiome scientific territory, deepening its knowledge of the microorganisms that continue to exist the skin’s surface and reinforcing the group’s leadership on this field,” L’Oréal said in an announcement Monday. “This acquisition also opens up latest opportunities, including leveraging Lactobio’s micrcobiome expertise and significant IP portfolio to develop effective latest cosmetics solutions, including live bacteria.”

Søren Kjærulff and Charlotte Vedel founded Lactobio in 2017 in Copenhagen. They created a proprietary microbiome discovery platform and screening method to decide on essentially the most effective and protected strains, in accordance with L’Oréal.

“These precision probiotics, created from a big biobank of lactobacillus bacteria, shall be utilized in the event of topical formulations containing live bacteria, taking inspiration from nature to impart quite a few advantages to skin and hair,” L’Oréal said.

“The mixing of Lactobio into our advanced research is very complementary: L’Oréal’s strong scientific knowledge and technological advancements coupled with Lactobio’s best-in-class formulations using living organisms will significantly strengthen and speed up our microbiome research dedicated to beauty,” said Anne Colonna, global head of advanced research at L’Oréal.

“In joining forces, we aim to develop a latest generation of cosmetics that can use cutting-edge innovations within the formulation process to supply science-based, precision probiotic and postbiotic products with latest performance levels,” she continued.

“Denmark has an extended history of innovation based on living microorganisms applied to food, agriculture and health, and it was against this background that we were inspired to create Lactobio,” said Kjærulff, who can be the corporate’s chief scientific officer.

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