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2 May

Somavedic Launches Health and Wellness Tracking App – WWD

Somavedic, known for its electromagnetic field blocking device, on Tuesday launched an app called Attune Health that permits users to trace their personal wellness data.

While wearables have turn out to be increasingly popular for tracking things like sleep and heart rate, Somavedic selected to harness the ability of phones as a substitute, making it more convenient and more cost-effective for users.

“Everybody has [a phone] they usually don’t must go somewhere or buy some hardware,” said Somavedic chief executive officer Juraj Kocar. Nevertheless, Kocar noted the good thing about several wearables, just like the Oura ring, for more specific variables.

The app uses distant photoplethysmographic imaging to extract wellness data without contact. In response to the brand, “it measures the changes in red, green and blue light reflected from the skin and quantifies the contrast between specular reflection and diffused reflection.”

Wellness apps have turn out to be increasingly popular as consumers seek inexpensive and convenient ways to trace different points of their health. A survey from McKinsey & Co. reported that 64 percent of respondents use a wellness app each day. The firm also cites wellness-related apps as a key opportunity for larger businesses and corporations to harness.

The brand new app allows users to measure and track several wellness markers including blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity, pulse-respiration quotient, hemoglobin and hemoglobin A1C.

While the app allows users to simply understand their very own health and provides suggestions based on their current state, the platform is designed to even be used together with health care providers.

“Within the medical space, telemedicine and insurance firms, it can be linked to or built upon with partnerships with health centers and doctors,” said Kocar, making it easier and faster for health care providers to trace patients’ data and progress.

Moreover, Kocar expects the app to be an academic platform for consumers to learn more about their very own health and turn out to be accustomed to routine diagnostics to trace their data additional time.

“When people might be afraid of visiting a physician or putting on a tool and they’d not know that they’ve hypertension or hemoglobin problems…we would like to teach on how vital it’s to maintain the stress levels low, to have a standard blood pressure,” Kocar told WWD. “It’s about doing preventive things before.”

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