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29 Jan

Alix Earle, Jonathan Monroe Amongst Fastest-growing Beauty Influencers of

The rapid evolution of the influencer continues.

Data from social media management platform Dash Hudson shows that in 2022, Instagram’s brightest rising stars primarily consisted of already-popular TikTok creators, whose Instagram presences were simply catching as much as the previous.

TikTok’s prevailing stripped-down form of content has also crept onto Instagram, as is reflected by Melodie Perez, or @diaryoftroubledskin’s sizable momentum, which was fueled partly by her documentation of her Accutane journey firstly of the 12 months.

“Even within the case of Alix Earle, who possibly looks like an O.G. Instagram influencer, she doesn’t act like that — her videos are very authentic, you’re often preparing together with her,” said Kate Archibald, chief marketing officer at Dash Hudson, of the fledgling Gen Z “It” girl, who captivated social media during her December breakup with MLB player Tyler Wade, and has skyrocketed in popularity since.

Here, the beauty influencers with the very best Instagram following growth rates in 2022, per Dash Hudson.

  1. @diaryoftroubledskin: +624 percent (127,000 followers)
  2. @alix_earle: +573.4 percent (1.7 million followers)
  3. @jonathankmonroe: +525.3 percent (569,000 followers)
  4. @tatanisha_sankar: +396.9 percent (37,400 followers)
  5. @skincare.ninja: +382.2 percent(118,000 followers)
  6. @jaeldorotan: +379.4 percent (161,000 followers)
  7. @catquinn: +311.6 percent (68,400 followers)
  8. @sambinaa: +227.1 percent (17,200 followers)
  9. @glowwitherin: +167.9 percent (31,300 followers)
  10. @brittminetti: +164 percent (12,100 followers)

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